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Original scientific paper

Effect of Major Ions on Induction Time of Struvite Precipitation

Iszik Kabdaszli
Simon A. Parsons
Olcay Tünaya

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Struvite precipitation from wastewaters has gained importance as a means of nitrogen and phosphorus treatment and recovery. While the aspects of process modeling and application have been widely studied, little attention was paid to process kinetics. This study attempted to evaluate the induction time of struvite precipitation for low ammonia concentrations and in the presence of ions commonly found in natural waters. Determination of induction time was based on
absorbance measurements while conductivity and pH of the solutions were also monitored during the process. Results of the experimental study indicate that the presence of foreign ions is important in determining the induction time along with the degree of supersaturation. The presence of over 50 x 10–3 mol dm–3 sodium ions retarded induction time significantly. Calcium ions at 2.5 x 10–4 mol dm–3 concentration caused no marked change in the induction time. While carbonate ions had a slight effect, sulfate ions increased the induction time. Crystal morphology was also observed to be affected by supersaturation and the presence of foreign ions.


absorbance monitoring; impurities; induction time; struvite crystal shape; struvite precipitation; supersaturation

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