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Beginnings of Notaries Public in the Republic of Croatia

Ivica Crnić ; Zagreb, Croatia

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After Croatia became an independent state, a radical reform of the legal system was required, with new company regulations, new property and ownership relations, the transfer of certain administrative and judicial functions to other bodies, and there was also the need for notaries public as a separate public service in the Republic of Croatia. The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia together with a large number oflegal experts and researchers from outside this institution were involved in preparing the Law on Public Notaries which would provide a legal basis for the newly established public service. This proved to be effective since the notary public service is still being conducted on the basis of this Law and a number of bye-laws which followed. The Law on Notaries Public was passed in 1993, and it come into effect on October 1, 1994. The Law also proved necessary, owing to the fact that the Company Act came into effect on January 1, 1995. The legislator chose the so-called pure Latin type of notaries, such as that found in most of the countries that have adopted this public service. This implies separation and autonomous functioning of notary public and lawyers services. The first notaries public took their oath on November 18, 1994, when they were awarded charters on their nomination to this responsible public duty. The purpose of this text is to recall some of the events related to the introduction and beginnings of notaries public in the Republic of Croatia.


notary public, notary's office, chamber, introduction of the notaries public in the Republic of Croatia, companies

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