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Original scientific paper

Identification of Induction Motor Parameters from Free Acceleration and Deceleration Tests

Marin Despalatović
Martin Jadrić
Božo Terzić

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In this paper, a newstep-by-step approach to identifythe parameters ofan induction machine combining free acceleration and deceleration transient data is presented. The measurement ofthe statorline voltages and currents is required only. The free acceleration torque characteristic is used in orderto identifythe inertia and to avoid the influence ofthe harmonic fields effect on the identification accuracy. The rotorresistance is identified from both free acceleration and deceleration transients data, and in that waythe skin effect factoris determined. The identification results are compared with the motorparameters obtained byperforming locked-rotorand no-load tests.


induction motor, measurement, modeling and simulation, parameteridentification

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