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Original scientific paper

The endangered European species Poronia punctata (Xylariales, Ascomycotina), still alive and well in Croatia

Neven Matočec ; Ruđer Bošković institute, Bijenička cesta 54, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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The endangered rare xylarialean fungus Poronia punctata has been found recently in Croatia settling the Mediterranean grassland of the maritime slope of Mt. Biokovo (Dalmatia). In fungi conservation in Europe, this species is included in the high-level concern group – a group that is composed of the most endangered macrofungal species in Europe, having become extinct in many national areas. Therefore, any locality in which the species still occurs should be designated a locality of major biodiversity importance. Ecological observations, a brief description of the collection, as well as notes on conservation perspective of the species are given.


Poronia punctata, conservation, ecology, morphology, Croatia

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