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Pneumatology in OCM as Sakramental Synthesis

Ivan Šaško ; Papinski liturgijski institut sv. Anzelma u Rimu, Rim, Italija

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The author presents an analysis of »Ordo Celebrandi Matrimonium«, (Editio Typica Altera, 1991) in an attempt to discover the structure ofpneumatologic »changes« in models (formulae) of prayers super sponsos. The terminological analysis and many different conceptual interrelationships are concentrated 'around liturgico-sakramental theology, asking how it is represented in »new« texts. The views suggested by A.M. Triacca as starting-point have been further developed. The sacramental readings can be seen within the relationship: sacrament - liturgical act (actio) - life in a pneumatologi-cal connection in the direction epiclesis, pareclesis, and anaclesis, explai¬ning two neologisms: anaclesis and syndesis. They are situated within the structure between them, Le. anamnesis and methexis. The fourth expression (syndesis) is new, it was introduced in order to elucidate the terminological-sakramental strength of pneumatological dynamics which applies to many cases, always with special respect for the entireness of the matrimonial ceremony.


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