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Preliminary communication

Research of strain distribution and strain rate change in the fracture surroundings by the videoextensometric methode

M. Mihaliková ; Faculty of Metallurgy, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

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The paper deals with the strain distribution and the strain rate of material in the surroundings of its fracture. Three steels applied in the automotive industry (DP - dual phase steel, microalloyed steel HR 45 and IF - interstitial free steel) were used as the experimental material. The videoextensometric technique was used for sensing with CCD camera and computer. During the test, software records the coordinates of the centres of gravity of individual points, from which the respective strain values are then obtained. For individual steel grades, strain field maps in the fracture surroundings were plotted. The change in the strain rate in the fracture surroundings and at places more distant from the fracture was observed.


videoextensometry, automotive steels, strain field maps, strain rate

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