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Original scientific paper

Self-handicapping, self-esteem and clarity of self-concept

Josip Burušić
Andreja Brajša Žganec

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In this paper, the extent to which self-esteem and clarity of self-concept are linked to the use of self-handicapping is investigated as well as whether groups with different degrees of selfesteem and clarity of self concept differ in the expression of this type of behaviour. The results obtained using the Self-handicapping scale, Rosenberg Self-esteem scale and the Self-concept clarity scale on a sample of 481 secondary school students in Croatia shows how self-esteem and the clarity of self-concept contribute to a statistically significant explanation of self-handicapping. Individuals with lower self-esteem and less articulated clarity of self concept more often use self-handicapping. However, there is no statistically significant interactive effect of self-esteem and the clarity of self concept in the manifestation of self-handicapping.


self-handicapping, self-esteem, clarity of self-concept

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