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Settlement between Wolves or the Call of Conscience for the Public Good

Miljenko Belić ; Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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This philosophical work is based on thoughts about translation of texts of Thomas Aquinas' made by Tomo Veres and gathered under title "The State". Thomas' conception of State and Ruler followed both biblical paths and the path defined by contemplation of "bonum commune", "the public good". In his reflections on this subject, the author points out the Islamic thinker Ibn Haldun, and he compares Thomas' and his ideas. Wtihin the State, real peace should reign, therefore adequate institutions and persons sufficiently developed for life in common are required. Thomas offers us principles for the establishment of state institutions. The cohesive force within the State is, primarily, conscience, not compulsion, since obeying the laws is a case of conscience. Legislative authority is based on the people. Kingdom is the best form of rule for the people, if the people - in convenient way - takes part in governing and so considers the state as something that belongs to him, and if it does not deteriorate. The author mentions a series of details treated in Thomas' papers. Special attention is paid to the analysis of liberation from tyranny. A ruler should be of complete integrity and distinctly concerned in spiritual goods.


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