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Turmoils in Bjelovar on the eve of the 1944 Vokić-Lorković coup


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The work is based upon partly preserved ar- chivalia from the State Archives in Bjelovar and describes situations in Bjelovar in the second half of August 1944 where coup-plotters under com- mand of Vokić and Lorković together with the town branch of the Croatian Peasant Party/HSS prepared to overthrow the Ustasha regime and German forces. After taking over the power in the Independent State of Croatia/NDH, the HSS was to take control of the Home Guard/Domo- brani and make them their army, reactivate the Croatian Peasant Security /HSZ, arrange for the allied forces to get on the territory of NDH, bring back dr. Šubašić from London. The paper also introduces us with two documents: a copy of a HSS leaflet from August 1944 addressing Croatian people and soldiers to be ready for the ‘decisive moment’ when president Maček and HSS would invite them and the Domobrani to stand against the enemy (Germans). The following document is a report by camp commander (logornik) Domagoj Ružičić form Ustasha camp in Bjelovar describing the coup-plotters’ activities in Bjelovar and their collapse.


coup-plotters; Vokić-Lorković; ustasha rules; Home Guard/ the Domobrani; the Independent State of Croatia/NDH; the Croa- tian Peasant Party /HSS; Maček; Germans; Dr. Šubašić

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