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Religious Upbringing of Children and Adolescents

Josip Jakšić ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The author considers the role of the father in the religious upbringing of children and adoslescents as being an irreplaceable one; especially concerning the forming of a picture of God as the Father, a picture which modifies itself in the course of coming to maturity. Precisely in this respect the author investigates the duty and the role of the father on the background of the Old an the New Testament.
In ancient Israel, the members of the household and the children listened to the revelation of the Word of God. In this case the father was not limited to explain to his children, he also gives account of his personal experience of religion. The fahter stood before his children as a guarantee of the religious traditions of his whole people, endeavoring to inoculate them into the hearts of his children.
In the Gospels, the parables of Christ speak in an incomparable way how to get nearer to God. The diversity of these illustrations does not impart a fictive picture of God. God is the father whose relationship to man is also that of a Father.


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