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Aggressivity and its Reflection in Education

Mihaly Szentmartoni orcid id ; Papinsko učilište Gregoriana u Rimu, Rim, Italija

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The author's discourse consists of four thematic entities: psychological analysis of agression, educational styles which provoke and increase agressivity in children, some educational procedures which reflect parental agressivity, and, finally, control of anger as the most frequent source of agressive behaviour.
The author points out that child aggressivity is connected with the educational atmosphere within the family. Four educational styles are possible: authoritative education, permissive education, inconsequent education, authoritary education. Inconsequent education is the most frequent source of aggressive behavior.
The conclusion emphasizes two points: 1. Nobody should be a sadist -this is a disease. Nobody needs necessarily be aggressive - it is not an instinct impossible to control. Everyone is angry at times, anger can be controlled. 2. To be parent and a good pedagogue is not an innate quality. After all, parents are bom at the same time as their children, consequently, upbringing means a common path and common development. Therefore, let parents bring up the courage to revise their shortcoming and their wrong decisions, and let them be able to be sorry for them.


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