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Original scientific paper

Ultrasonographic Estimation of Fetal Weight – Residents Accuracy

Ivan Bolanča
Krunoslav Kuna
Radoslav Herman
Vesna Košec
Mislav Herman

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page 465-468

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The aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the accuracy of gynecology and obstetrics residents when performing ultrasonographic estimation of fetal weight. The total of 400 ultrasonographic estimations of fetal weight and corresponding neonatal weight were collected and divided into 3 groups according to physicians’ experience (junior and senior residents, staff physicians). The accuracy of fetal weight estimation correlated positively with the level of physicians’ experience. The proportional difference between ultrasound estimation and actual birth weight varied from 8.45% to 6.88% (junior residents 8.45%, senior residents 6.95%, staff physicians 6.88%). The proportion of ultrasonograhic estimates that fell within 10% of birth weight varied from 59.09% to 79.21% (junior residents 59.09%, senior residents 78.44%, staff physicians 79.21%). Senior residents reach a highly acceptable accuracy in ultrasonographic estimation of fetal weight which is comparable to staff physicians.


ultrasound, fetal weight estimation, residents

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