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Original scientific paper

A contribution to understanding human settlement in the Virovitica Podravina during the early Iron Age

Saša Kovačević orcid id ; Insittute of Archaeology Zagreb
Tomislav Hršak orcid id ; Archaeological Museum Osijek

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During 2005 and 2006, a major archaeological excavation
was conducted on a section of the western ring-road
in the town of Virovitica. On this occasion, eight sites were
excavated which belong to various periods and cultures.
Among them there are several prehistoric settlements. The
Virovitica-Đurađ East site is the southernmost in a chain
of sites on the ring-road. The finds from the Hallstatt settlement
at Virovitica-Đurađ East served as the basis for an
exhaustive analysis in this work, but it also includes finds
from the Virovitica-Kiškorija North site, as well as those
from the Virovitica-Đota site to the extent possible given
the state of publication of these finds. Here considerable attention
has been accorded to analyzing the structure of the
settlements and the typical movable finds.


Podravina; Virovitica; Sveti Đurađ; Early Iron Age; lowland settlement; pottery

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