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Original scientific paper

Jupiter and his worshipers in the light of the epigraphic sources in Croatia

Marko Sinobad ; Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia

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This work contains an analysis of the 224 published epigraphic
monuments from the territory of the Republic
of Croatia in which Jupiter’s name appears. Out of this
number, 149 are from the territory of the province of Dalmatia,
13 from the Italian Regio X, 36 from the territory of
Pannonia Superior and 26 from Pannonia Inferior. Almost
all analyzed inscriptions are dedicatory in character. They
indicate the complex nature of Jupiter’s cult, and 23 different
epithets accompanying his name have been recorded. The
cult of Jupiter Optimus Maximus was the most widespread
Roman cult in the provinces. There were additionally other,
less popular Jupiter cults that had a syncretic character. The
capital cities of the provinces and regions were the epicentres
whence these cults spread to less urbanized areas. The
analyzed epigraphic monuments record the names of 210
individuals who can be directly connected to Jupiter’s cults
as practiced in Antiquity in Croatia’s territory.


Croatia, cult of Jupiter, cult of the ruler, syncretism, altar, epigraphy, imperialism

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