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Original scientific paper

Ethics - Art of Living

Josip Mužić

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Today’s ethics is marked by a state of being lost and the seeking of its own identity, which is also a great opportunity, since it clearly shows the need for this science and enables us to learn from previous mistakes. The resolution of the crisis of ethics is to be built on a person and her seeking of her own happiness as regulating man’s actions so enabling man’s full realisation in the unity of life, too. Owing to this, ethics is nothing else but an art of living, in which it is necessary to correctly evaluate and accommodate man’s diverse powers avoiding reductionism and exclusivism. This particularly holds for reason, will, emotion and imagination, all of which have their respective irreplaceable roles and, in mutual cooperation, lead to man’s full realisation. In a person, the art of living unites the art of introspection, the art of integration and the art of realisation, and, as such, it represents the best way to the restoration of the society as a whole.


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