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Conference paper

Philosophy of Education and Feminism

Milan Polić

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The social movements of the second half of the 20th century have led to the questioning of not only behavioural patterns – which have, as social roles, deeply rooted themselves in the customs and consciousness of people – but – through these patterns – also to the questioning of the very being of man, which has been ideologically
concealed by these roles. On the trail of the centurial struggle of women for their emancipation, feminism, as one of the above movements – in questioning gender roles, and redefining the relationships between men and women – has unveiled the ideological construction of patriarchal society, which equates a man to Man, while a woman is something else.
Philosophy of education is also established in the second half of the 20th century as a philosophical discipline, and, in reflecting upon education, it can not avoid two phenomena significant for it: a complete feminisation of educational institutions and the problematics of the being of man. In reflecting upon these two phenomena, philosophy of education, on the one hand, shows that there exists a significant difference between education and manipulation, and on the other, it discloses that the future of education (meaning the future of man and the world) is significantly dependent upon the emancipation of women.


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