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Original scientific paper

Real-Time Expression of hTERT in Primary Melanoma Biopsies

Miljenko Katunarić
Davor Jurišić
Ita Hadžisejdić
Ivan Kirin
Gordana Zamolo

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page 1401-1404

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Skin melanoma is by far the most lethal skin cancer, it is unpredictable by nature and presents a severe diagnostic problem. One of the major issues in melanoma diagnostics is to differentiate it with confidence from a dysplastic nevus. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate hTERT expression on a spectrum of dermal lesions (from normal skin to primary melanoma) in order to examine its possible role as a diagnostic marker in melanoma diagnostics. In this study we analyzed the expression of hTERT by real-time PCR on 58 freshly obtained biopsy samples (4 samples of normal skin, 12 dermal nevi, 23 dysplastic nevi, 19 primary melanomas). Our results showed slightly greater hTERT expression in dysplastic nevi than melanomas with major data overlap. Considering the given results, hTERT does not seem to be a reliable diagnostic marker for melanoma.


hTERT; primary melanoma; Real-Time; expression; biopsies

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