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Preliminary communication

The Importance of Thorough Preoperative Diagnostics of Maxillary Ameloblastoma: Report of Three Cases

Marko Matijević
Dinko Leović
Bruno Popić
Vedran Zubčić
Vlatko Kopić
Ante Prlić
Stjepan Siber
Kristijan Dinjar

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page 1445-1448

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Ameloblastoma, especially maxillary, is a rare benign neoplasm of odontogenic origin. Diagnosis of significant number of lesions is usually established postoperatively, because ameloblastoma, especially the unicystic form, mimics wide range of more frequent jaw lesions. From January 1993 to December 2005, three cases of the maxillary ameloblastoma were surgically treated at our Department. The authors present clinical, radiological and pathohistological features of the ameloblastomas in this rare localization with special attention to need of accurate preoperative diagnostics.


ameloblastoma, maxilla, odontogenic tumors, diagnosis

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