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Review article

The Second Opportunity for Education: the Needs, Possibilities and Accomplishments in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County

Vladimir Strugar orcid id ; Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, Zavod za znanstvenoistraživački rad u Bjelovaru, Bjelovar, Hrvatska

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The author tackles the needs, possibilities and accomplishments regarding the adult education in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, and addresses them jointly as the second opportunity for education. In the theoretical approach, the fundaments of the knowledge-based society/economy, the concept of life-long learning, and particularly the adult education as a part of this concept are analysed. In the empirical approach, the needs for the adult education are defined based on the analysis of the educational qualification level of the population; the employed generally, and particularly those working in primary, secondary and tertiary economic sectors; the unemployed persons; and students terminating their secondary education. Further, the possibilities for the adult education are described, primarily those offered within the following programmes of open universities and secondary schools: primary education finishing; secondary education finishing; training; retraining; specialisation; and foreign language learning. By comparing the rather significant needs for the adult education with the realisation of the programme, it may be concluded that the inadequate involvement of adults in the learning/education process and the adult education in the County do not work as a unique subsystem, by the means of which the second opportunity for education might be realised in an organised and a systematic manner.


life-long learning, the second opportunity for education, financing, the adult education, training, retraining, specialisation

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