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Review article

Organization of the Railroad Administration in Zagreb (1945-1947)

Siniša Lajnert

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The article presents organization of the Railroad Administration in Zagreb (Željeznička uprava Zagreb). Ministry responsible for the railroad traffic was the Ministry of Traffic (Ministarstvo saobraćaja) in Belgrade. That Ministry established the Main Railroad Administration in Belgrade (GUŽ-Glavna uprava željeznica u Beogradu), which was ruling, controlling and harmonizing work of all (mainly land) railroad administrations. Military delegations of the Ministry of National Defense were charged for the military railroad issues. The important detail is mentioning the Department for the Protection of the People, i.e. state security police (OZNA-Odjeljenje zaštite naroda) which had a traffic department competent for the control over railroad, besides other issues. Railroad lines, over which railroad administrations in Zagreb, Novi Sad and Sarajevo had control, are mentioned too. The Controlling Department of the Traffic (Kontrolni odsjek saobraćaja) was established with a task of connecting executive traffic, towing, transportation and signal services on lines with relevant technical services inside the Main Railroad Administration, respectively inside the railroad administrations, with aim of more complete railroad exploitation. The article also presents relevant archival sources from the Croatian State Archives, important for the history of Croatian railroad of that time.


organization of the Railroad Administration in Zagreb, Ministry of Traffic, Main Railroad Administration, military delegations of Ministry of National Defence, Department for the Protection of the People

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