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Original scientific paper

A Danger of Collapse of the Building

Vicko Prančić ; Županijski sud u Splitu, Split

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Derelict and deteriorated buildings and other constructions are a source of peril to life and health, nearby buildings, other constructions and objects. Such buildings or constructions present danger especially during bad weather conditions (strong wind, long-lasting precipitations-rain or snow) when pieces of mortar fall from decrepit facades, chimneys fall off as well as worn-out windows and window shutters. In such cases roofs can collapse or lose tiles or gutters. Sometimes, the whole derelict and deteriorated buildings or other constructions completely collapse causing life threatening situations for passers-by and peril for nearby immovable properties owned by others. Therefore, the owner of the real property is expected to take adequate measures in due time to remove danger caused by the state of his building posing a threat to passers-by and nearby immovable properties. He also has a responsibility to take necessary measures to reconstruct and repair damages caused on a building or a construction. If he does not do that by his own will and in due time, the neighbour whose real property is in danger may ask from the owner of the building or other construction to take all necessary measures to prevent damage. The author in the article discusses the protection of buildings in danger of collapse from different legal aspects taken from regulations of real property, civil obligations and administrative issues. He gives a special consideration to the liability for damages of the owner of the building or other construction caused to third persons due to omissions during their construction or irresponsible maintenance.


building, collapse, danger from damages, nearby real estate, remuneration of damages, removal of the danger, insurance, future damages

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