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Original scientific paper

Biogas Potential in Croatian Farming Sector

Tomislav PUKŠEC ; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Neven DUIĆ ; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Farming sector, in general, is a big producer of manure and thereby also a big
producer of greenhouse gasses. The issue of methane production from animals
on farms should be seen as an opportunity in producing green energy and
contributing into reducing green house effect. Croatian farming sector is pretty
undeveloped if we compare it to the other EU member states. This is one of the
legacies from past state where agriculture was not something worth of heavy
investments. This was not only the case for Croatian farming sector, but also
Croatian agriculture in general for the last twenty or more years. However in the
last five years there were a lot of improvements and investments in agriculture
and in the farming sector. More and more questions regarding energy issues
and energy management on farms are becoming important. But this is still not
enough if we want to use all of our resources and potentials. Especially if we
consider the fact that there are no serious biogas plats in Croatia jet. All of this
information with a promising increase in agricultural investing leads us to a
question of total biogas potential for the farming sector in Croatia. Through
this paper the total number of farms will be shown and their technical potential
for producing, storing or using biogas. The special emphasis will be on two
most promising farming sectors: cows and pigs. The main challenges would
be to separate small family farms that basically have no biogas potential and
bigger modern farms that could be considered for biogas production. The value
of finding Croatia s biogas potential regarding farms is also important since
farms are consuming a lot of energy in their everyday operations and part of
that energy consumption can be compensated from renewable energy source
like biogas.


Biogas, Cows, Forming sector, Manure, Pigs

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