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Preliminary communication

Optimization of Waste Heat Utilization in Gas Turbine Pipeline Compressor Station

Davor BIŠĆAN ; MIKRA d.o.o. , Duga Resa, Croatia
Dražen LONČAR ; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Gas turbine driven pipeline compressor stations employed in existing pipelines
and also in those that will be built due to increasing demand for natural gas
present a significant potential for production of additional electricity and
useful heat by utilizing the waste heat from the gas turbine process. The paper
analyzes and compares several different configurations of heat recovery steam
generator (HRSG) both in terms of thermodynamic and thermoeconomic
criteria. In order to find an optimal configuration an exergo-economic HRSG
optimization is conducted for finding the compromise between the cost of
the exergy losses and investment costs of HRSG surfaces. Comparison and
selection of configurations is based on the Pareto front through finding an
optimum between maximal system efficiency and minimal cost of electricity.


Combined cycle, Exergo-economic optimization, Heat recovery steam generator, Pipeline compressor station, Waste heat utilization

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