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Professional paper

The Controversies of Affirmative Action in Education

Sanja Petkovska ; Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

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The ideas of including diversity into the educational system is a contemporary phenomenon within the framework of the strategies of managing diversity which does not give results, but in turn stresses the necessity of finding solutions to problems concerning equality, human rights, social and historical justice, coexistence and shared values. Affirmative action has its origins on the American continent in the nineteen eighties, but is closely related to educational and cultural phenomena in contemporary education and social life all over the world. The controversy following its implementation exceeds the framework of the educational system, and the debates on the representation of minorities and historically marginalized groups in the institutions of Western society, which will also be vigorously led in the future, will probably also be characterized by misunderstandings which underlie the basis of the contact and political coexistence of diverse cultures.


diversity, human rights, education, affirmative action, equality, social and historic justice

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