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Original scientific paper

The influence of mechanical activation of chalcopyrite on the selective leaching of copper by sulphuric acid

M. Achimovičová
P. Baláž
J. Briančin

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In this paper chalcopyrite, CuFeS2, has been selective leached by H2SO4 as leaching agent (170 g/dm3) in procedure of hydrometallurgical production of copper. Mechanical activation of the chalcopyrite resulted in mechanochemical surface oxidation as well as in the mineral surface and bulk disordering. Furthermore, the formation of agglomerates during grinding was also occured. Surface changes of the samples using infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy methods were investigated before and after leaching. The leaching rate, specific surface area, structural disorder as well as copper extraction increased with the mechanical activation of mineral.


chalcopyrite, mechanical activation, sulphuric acid leaching, selectivity

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