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Preliminary communication

Quantification of Residual Stresses in Hot Rolled Steel Sheets by the Hole Drilling Method

F. Trebuňa
F. Šimčák
M. Buršák
J. Bocko
P Šarga
M. Pástor
P. Trebuňa

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page 41-46

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The paper deals with the problems of quantification of residual stresses in hot rolled sheets produced under various regimes. On the base of stress distribution along width and thickness of the belt is pointed out on possibilities of belt deformation from the plane as a result of action of torsional moment as an integral internal quantity in cross-section. For the non-uniformly distributed stresses along the thickness of the sheet the new method for residual stresses determination was developed. Application of the method is described in the paper.


residual stresses; hole drilling strain gage method; hot rolled sheets

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