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Review article

Finite Element Approach to Analysis of Axisymmetric Reverse Drawing Process

Z. Keran
M. Skunca
M. Math

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page 341-346

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The intention of this research is to make analyze of deep drawing Cr-Ni stainless steel process. The research is related to forces that appear in machine tool during the process and also to material stress and its behaviour. The results are taken from two sources and their comparison is made. The first source of results are experiments made on hydraulic press, and the other source are results obtained by creation of finite element model (FEM) and process simulation on MSC Marc Mentat program package. The measurements are made in cases of different reduction coefficient and different tool material. Comparison that is given is related to punch and pressure plate forces, and the state of material stress for each reduction coefficient is observed too. Datasheets and force diagrams present the results, and material stress can be seen on figures that are result of the simulation.


FEM, reverse drawing, material stresses, cracking possibility, MSC Marc program package

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