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The technologies used for developing orally disintegrating tablets: A review

BHATU P. BADGUJAR ; S.S.D.J. College of Pharmacy, Neminagar, Chandwad, Dist-Nasik, India
ATISH S. MUNDADA ; S.S.D.J. College of Pharmacy, Neminagar, Chandwad, Dist-Nasik, India

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Orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs), also known as fast melts, quick melts, fast disintegrating and orodispersible systems, have the unique property of disintegrating in the mouth in seconds without chewing and the need of water and are thus assumed to improve patient compliance. Conventional methods like direct compression, wet granulation, moulding, spray-drying, freeze-drying and sublimation were used to prepare ODTs. New, advanced technologies like Orasolv®, Durasolv®, Wowtab®, Flashtab®, Zydis®, Flashdose®, Oraquick®, Lyoc®, Advatab®, Frosta®, Quick-Disc® and Nanomelt® have been introduced by some pharmaceutical companies for the production of ODTs. The main objective of this review is to give a comprehensive insight into conventional and recent technologies used for the preparation of ODTs.


orally disintegrating tablet; orodispersible tablet; superdisintegrant; drug delivery; fast disintegrating tablet

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