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The Revived Bogoslovska smotra in the Service of the Second Vatican Council. The Contribution of the Bogoslovska smotra in Spreading and Deepening Council Thinking in the Church amongst Croats

Adalbert Rebić

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In this article the author writes about the revived Croatian theological periodical Bogoslovska smotra, a theological periodical of the Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb. He reports how the publication of the Bogoslovska smotra was suspended in 1945 and how it was resumed in 1962. Furthermore, he deals with the earliest volumes of the Bogoslovska smotra, with its troubles and difficulties, and with its endeavours to be true to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. By mandate of the Faculty Council, the author of this article was appointed the editor-in-chief of the Bogoslovska smotra in 1970 and held that position until 1994. As editor-in-chief of the Bogoslovska smotra, he made efforts for the periodical to follow the Council theology and to convey it to our native theologians, as well as to all other readers of the Bogoslovska smotra. As the periodical every year published the writings of the Theological-Pastoral Week, the author shows that in this field-year in and year out - the Bogoslovska smotra, faithfully followed the Council theology and conveyed it to our readers. The Proceedings of Theological-Pastoral Weeks have been of utmost importance for the development of theological science in Croatian regions. This can be confirmed by anyone who attentively reads the theological articles published in the Bogoslovska smotra. Besides the Proceedings, he points out a few more volumes of the Bogoslovska smotra that followed the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. The last volume of the Bogoslovska smotra, of which the undersigned was executive editor-in-chief, was a quadruple issue, Essays in Honour of the late professor and colleague Jerko Fućak (ThR 1994, Nos 1-4,514 pages). The then executive editor-in-chief was succeeded by Stjepan Kušar since in the autumn of 1991 the undersigned was appointed Head of Office for Displaced Persons and Refugees of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.


Bogoslovska smotra, theology of the Second Vatican Council, Theological-Pastoral Week, Second Vatican Council

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