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FLUMINENSIA : Journal for philological research

logo FLUMINENSIA : Journal for philological research

Fluminensia is a journal for philological research published by the Department of Croatian language and literature of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Rijeka. The journal was founded in 1989 and is published biannually. It covers topics from the field of philology and includes papers on linguistic topics, primarily on the Croatian language (dialectology, diachronic linguistics, issues of standardisation in Croatian, and comparative studies), and on literary topics (history of literature, literary theory, and stylistics), as well as reviews of recently published works on any of the aforementioned topics (thorough and competent reviews of scientific publications). Each manuscript is peer-reviewed by two reviewers (frequently from abroad). In case of contradictory reviews, the manuscript is sent to a third reviewer, and the final decision is made by the Editorial board. Manuscripts lacking in content or value are turned down without being sent to reviewers. In 2007 Fluminensia was categorised as an a1 journal (the highest ranking in Croatian classification of scientific journals). The editorial board feels that this is a confirmation of years-long efforts of all the previous Editorial boards to increase the reputation of the journal among scientists working in this field. In addition, the journal is cited in relevant databases, which is of key importance for increasing the level of recognition of the journal and Croatian scientists in other countries and in the international scientific community, as well as for the development of Croatian publishing. The journal is distributed in the Republic of Croatia and abroad. It is also available on the

  • Peer review: peer review, national peer review, only scientific papers, double blind review, double
  • First year of publication: 1989.
  • Frequency (annually): 2
  • Scientific disciplines and subdisciplines: Philology
  • Date added to HRČAK: 16.06.2006.
  • Rights: This is an Open Access journal. Fluminensia : Journal for philological research is an Open Access journal. Its contents are available without charge to users who may read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of the articles published in the journal without seeking prior permission from the publisher or author(s). This policy is consistent with the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) definition of Open Access. There are no submission, reviewing or publication fees for authors. Digital archiving policy: Croatian Web Archive (HAW) National and University Library in Zagreb The papers published in Fluminensia can be deposited and self-archived in the institutional and thematic repositories providing the link to the journal's web pages and HRČAK.