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HRČAK's Interoperability


Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) is a protocol that defines a mechanism for the collection of metadata, which provides an important feature of digital repositories - interoperability. OAI-PMH includes two types of participants:

  1. data providers who expose metadata about resources,
  2. service providers who harvest metadata and build upon a new service.

HRČAK has implemented OAI-PMH interface since the beginning in 2006.


OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) is H2020 project of the European Commission (EC) to promote the implementation of open access to scientific publications and research data and build a European scientific research infrastructure for the storage, retrieval and re-use of research results, thus improving visibility results of the research projects of the European Commission.

HRČAK is fully compliant with the OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repository Managers 3.0. and on 8th April 2015 registered as a data source on the OpenAIRE portal which is built by all EU member states. For the editorial boards and the authors this means that the papers published on HRČAK are visible through the OpenAIRE portal which provides a greater number of readers, and therefore citation.


Knowledge Bases And Related Tools (KBART) compliant list of HRČAK journals is available in two formats: