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ORCID iD is a unique and persistent identifier of researchers and contributors. The use of ORCID identifier will increase author's visibility and interoperability between a wide range of information services. You can find more information about ORCID here:

What does linking paper with ORCID profile mean?

  1. the author's ORCID iD will be stored in HRČAK
  2. the author's ORCID iD will be visible next to the author's name, along with the other metadata about the paper and the author's ORCID iD will be a link to the author's ORCID profile
  3. the search by the author's ORCID iD in HRČAK returns all the author's papers which have been linked to the author's ORCID profile.
The paper will not be added to the author's ORCID profile!

How are authors involved in ORCID iD implementation in HRČAK?

An author receives an email from HRČAK which guides them through the process of linking their paper in HRČAK with his/her ORCID profile. In this process, the author has to sign-in to their ORCID profile and the ORCID registry will automatically deliver the author's ORCID iD to HRČAK (authenticated entry).
During that process the author can also enter the email addresses of their co-authors if they haven't been entered by the journal editors when the paper was stored in HRČAK.

Which authors will be invited to link their papers with the ORCID profile?

An invitation will be sent to all the authors off all the papers which have a valid email address stored in HRČAK, regardless of the time when it was entered in HRČAK. Journal editors can enter and update the authors' email addresses.

Why can't the author link all their papers with their ORCID profile?

If the author isn't offered to link all their papers with their ORCID profile, it is possible that the e-mail address isn't entered together with those papers or the entered e-mail address isn't valid.

What if the author's email was not entered or is invalid?

To connect a paper and the ORCID profile, a valid author's email is required. The author should contact the journal's editors to enter the missing or correct the existing email address.

What are the changes for journal editors introduced with the implementation of ORCID iD in HRČAK?

Journal editors should not collect and enter the authors' ORCID iDs, but they are expected to enter a valid email address of at least one author of a paper, and preferably emails of all the authors. Important: editors should not enter the editorial board email as the author's email. The authors' emails stored in HRČAK are used to automatically contact the authors and invite them to provide their ORCID identifier via the authentication process. Editorial boards should recommend to the authors to register their ORCID iDs and enter them in HRČAK after the paper has been published.