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Jorunal status in HRČAK

Informative statuses about the activities of journals are visible on HRČAK. The statuses do not represent the information about the activity of a particular journal in general, but instead, they show the activity of a journal on HRČAK. These statuses are introduced so that the users could see how often the content is being updated. Also, we want to motivate editorial boards to publish papers regularly according to obligations prescribed by the Terms of service of the Portal of Croatian scientific and professional journals - HRČAK.

A journal on HRČAK can have one of the following six statuses:

  1. Active – if less than 13 months have passed since the last issue was published.
  2. Inactive – if more than 13 months have passed since the last issue was published. Despite this status, the editorial boards can still edit their journals and publish papers.
  3. New journal – a journal which was included in HRČAK, but doesn’t have any papers published yet. The journals with this status won’t be visible on HRČAK’s interface until they have published their first issue.
  4. Suspended – the journal has been suspended on the grounds of the decision made by the HRČAK Advisory Board due to a violation of the Regulations of Portal of Croatian Scientific and Professional Journals - HRČAK. The suspended journals aren’t visible on HRČAK’s public interface.
  5. No longer published – the editorial board has delivered the information that the journal is no longer being published.
  6. No longer publishing on HRČAK – the editorial board has delivered the information that the journal has stopped publishing on HRČAK or more than 26 months have passed since the last issue was published.

HRČAK periodically checks the status of a particular journal. If a journal doesn’t meet the requirements for the “active” status, the editorial board receives a notification which states that their status will be changed to “inactive” if they don’t publish a new issue in the following 30 days. The editorial boards which are given the "inactive" status can contact HRČAK’s team and ask for the status activation after they have stored on HRČAK all the issues that have been published since the date the journal was included on HRČAK, including the last number.

If your journal is no longer being published or you have stopped publishing on HRČAK, contact HRČAK’s team. If your journal is being regularly published, we ask you to regularly and actively publish on HRČAK as well, in order to retain the "active" status.


The purpose of HRČAK Seal is to mark the quality journals that publish papers on HRČAK in timely manner. The Seal can be used in electronic form on the web pages or in printed editions of those journals.

The Seal is introduced as a result of the HRČAK advisory board initiative and is assigned to all journals with status "Active in HRČAK" The Seal is visible on the journal's page on HRČAK.

Journal editors may use the HRČAK Seal on the journal's web pages, in OJS instances, in the print edition or in any other places where they want to declare their relationship with HRČAK.

High-resolution versions of the HRČAK Seal:

  1. PNG (white background)
  2. PNG (transparent background)
  3. AI
  4. PDF