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European Studies

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ISSN 1849-8698 (Print)
ISSN 2459-6701 (Online)
Europske studije / European Studies
Lepušićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel. +385-(0)1-4642-015
Publisher: Faculty of Political Science
  HR-10000 Zagreb, Lepušićeva 6
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Europske studije—European Studies is a scientific journal with the fundamental objective of publishing research papers and other contributions in the field of European integration studies. Due to the nature of research in the area of European studies, the journal is of an interdisciplinary character, open to various approaches and research methods that contribute to the understanding of the process of European interaction, the political and legal system of the European Union, the influence by Member States on policies of the European Union, as well as the shaping of the values of European integration during its historical development.
As a Croatian scientific journal, Europske studije—European Studies devotes particular attention to the Europeanization of Croatian society and policies, and the relationship of the integration processes of Croatia with those of other Member States of the European Union. Likewise, Europske studije—European Studies affords particular importance to research that show the comparative relations within the European Union, again with emphasis on the Croatian regional Central European and Mediterranean context.

Peer review: peer review, national peer review, double, all papers, double blind review

First year of publication: 2015

Frequency (annually): 2

Scientific disciplines and subdisciplines: Social Sciences; Economics; Law; Political Science; Sociology;

Date added to HRČAK: 22 December 2015


  Vol. 3   No. 5-6
  Vol. 2   No. 3-4
  Vol. 1   No. 2
  Vol. 1   No. 1
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