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  • Publication date: 25.01.2018.
  • Published on HRČAK: 26.01.2018.

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A new active power photovoltaic system for residential applications (page 1-10)

Saša Sladić, David Nedeljković
Original scientific paper

Microstructures and properties of AZ31 magnesium alloys formed by multi-channel porthole extrusion (page 11-19)

Shi Kai Wu, HongBao Cui, WenPeng Yang, XueFeng Guo
Original scientific paper

Evaluation of strength relations in foamed aerated concrete ntaining pulverized bone (PB) as a partial replacement of cement (page 20-29)

Christopher Fapohunda, Efe Ikponmwrosa, Funso Falade
Original scientific paper

Predicition of groundwater level on Grohovo landslide using ruled based regression (page 51-61)

Goran Volf, Elvis Žic, Nevenka Ožanić
Original scientific paper

Design of vacuum thermal insulation fitting in solar heating applications (page 62-69)

Radim Rybár, Martin Beer, Dušan Kudelas
Original scientific paper

Flow field analysis of trucks and a design of an additional drag reduction device (page 70-78)

Jianmin Xu, Shuiting Zhou
Original scientific paper

Influence of welding quality on stability of SUS304 tube-compression by viscous pressure forming (page 79-85)

Tiejun Gao, Hepeng Zhang, Yuyin Yang, Zhongjin Wang
Original scientific paper

An approach to the capability analysis of a multi-spindle machining centre (page 86-97)

Valter Uran, Duško Pavletić, Sandro Doboviček
Original scientific paper

An evaluation method for corrosion fatigue life of steel structure considering mechanical factors (page 98-103)

Huili Wang, Sifeng Qin, Tao Jiang
Original scientific paper

An incident detection method considering meteorological factor with fuzzy logic (page 104-114)

Min Zhao, Xi Chen, Dihua Sun
Original scientific paper

Minimization of corrosion rate using surface response methodology (page 115-119)

Femiana Gapsari Madhifitri, Rudy Soenoko, Agus Suprapto, Wahyono Suprapto
Original scientific paper

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