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Bela IVth and the gentry of Kalnik

Ozren Blagec ; Gradski muzej Križevci, Tome Sermagea 2, HR-48260 Križevci, Hrvatska

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The gentry of Kalnik is one of the greatest associations of low-rank nobility in Croatia. Although circumstances and terms under which they were given privileges are rather vague and mostly connected with the legend of Bela IVth’s stay in Kalnik at the time of Tartar invasion, the fact remains that most Kalnik families were granted privileges as early as the mid 13th century after having bravely defended the fortress Veliki Kalnik. In the centuries to come the gentry of the place struggled to get confirmation for their acquired rights from various rulers and peers. Being gentry, they were able to actively take part in governing the counties of Križevci and Varaždin. A great majority of them lived a humble and modest life, but the gentry status enabled them to get better education eventually taking them to leading positions in the kingdom and church hierarchy. Among those who succeeded were the Ožegović family members, including the Vice-Roy Metel and the bishop Mirko; the deputy Vice-Roy of the Triune Kingdom, Ivan Zidarić; the mayor of Zagreb, Matija Mrazović; Antun Nemčić, well-known poet; Alberto Ognjan Štriga, famous musician and many others. Little is known of these gentry families and therefore it is worth investigating, since so far none of these persons have been paid attention they deserve in historiographic sense.

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Bela IVth; plum gentry; Veliki Kalnik; Mali Kalnik; Tartars; legend; the Ožegovićs; Matija Mrazović; Ivan Zidarić; history of nobility

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