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The Structure and Method of Paul Tillich's Theology

Dubravko Arbanas   ORCID icon ; Edunova - škola informatike i managementa, Osijek, Hrvatska; Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Paul Tillich, philosopher and theologian, is best-known for his philosophy of religion and theology of culture. As a systematic and apologetic theologian, Tillich carefully structured his theology and developed a specific method of investigation, therefore this discussion will endeavour to show the seminal determinants of this structure and his method. The specific areas of investigation are: sources, the medium and norm of theology, and the correlation method which totally permeates the structure of his theological system. Tillich used it to combine the philosophical questions ensuing from man’s existential situation with theological answers given to us through the Christian message. The method of investigation is the analysis of Tillich’s relevant works dealing with these topics, including some of the most significant papers written about him and published in various monographs as well as other sources. By critically examining these works, the author has come to the conclusion that the relationship between philosophy and theology is the central feature of Tillich’s thought, and this relationship was made particularly clear within the structure of his theology through the implementation of the correlation method which he utilized to build up each of the five elements of his theological system.

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sources; medium; norm; theology; method; correlation

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