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Illicit construction - causes and consequences

ladimir Krtalić

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (275 KB) str. 813-823 preuzimanja: 2.145* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
Krtalić, l. (2006). Bespravna gradnja – uzroci i posljedice. Građevinar, 58 (10.), 813-823. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Krtalić, ladimir. "Bespravna gradnja – uzroci i posljedice." Građevinar, vol. 58, br. 10., 2006, str. 813-823. Citirano 23.06.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Krtalić, ladimir. "Bespravna gradnja – uzroci i posljedice." Građevinar 58, br. 10. (2006): 813-823.
Krtalić, l. (2006). 'Bespravna gradnja – uzroci i posljedice', Građevinar, 58(10.), str. 813-823. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 23.06.2021.)
Krtalić l. Bespravna gradnja – uzroci i posljedice. Građevinar [Internet]. 2006 [pristupljeno 23.06.2021.];58(10.):813-823. Dostupno na:
l. Krtalić, "Bespravna gradnja – uzroci i posljedice", Građevinar, vol.58, br. 10., str. 813-823, 2006. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 23.06.2021.]

The paper starts from the assertion that construction based on building permit is one of the basic preconditions for establishment of the veritable rule of law. The causes and effects of illicit construction are described and discussed, and the role of regulations, destined to prevent such construction in its roots, is defined. Land use regulations applied in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Finland are presented and compared with Croatian regulations. The author recommends adoption of Croatian regulations that would solve this issue in an appropriate manner.

Ključne riječi
illicit construction; causes; effects; building permit; regulations; land use; planning

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