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Collegium antropologicum, Vol.35 No.3 Rujan 2011.

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Distribution of RoekoSeal Sealer Applied by Three Obturation Techniques

Lumnije Kqiku
Ivana Miletić
Ivica Anić
Anja Baraba
Andreas Weiglein
Peter Städtler

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Kqiku, L., Miletić, I., Anić, I., Baraba, A., Weiglein, A., Städtler, P. (2011). Distribution of RoekoSeal Sealer Applied by Three Obturation Techniques. Collegium antropologicum, 35(3), 885-888. Preuzeto s

The aim of the study was to evaluate the distribution of Roekoseal Automix sealer using three different obturation
techniques. Forty-five single-rooted extracted human teeth were prepared in a crown-down manner using ProFile instruments.
After instrumentation the specimens were filled using Roekoseal Automix with the cold lateral condensation,
Thermafil and Obtura II techniques. Each root was sectioned horizontally. Color images were obtained using a reflected-
light microscope. The cross-sections were assessed by microscopy for distribution of the sealer. Root canals filled
with cold lateral condensation technique had statistically significant (p=0.0001) more sealer in the apical portion in
comparison to the apical portion of the specimens obturated with Thermafil and Obtura II techniques.

Ključne riječi
sealer; obturation techniques; cross-section

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