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Dorian Gray – Fugitive or Victim of the Syndrome of The Red Queen? Of the Hero of Modernism

Goran Pavlić ; Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb

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The character of Dorian Gray represents the essence of the world view consternation of which echoes, even today, come across a very fertile reception ground. That fertility is notable in the artistic, and accordingly, critical – reception field, but in the same way, or perhaps even more intense in the domain of nowadays somewhat old, holistic views of the modern subjectivity. In this work, I shall try to lighten up the character of Dorian Gray, through the prism of the phenomenon of the Red Queen’s race. The race, described in lewis carroll’s Through the Looking – Glass, represents the competition in which runners remain always in the same place, no matter how fast they run. As the standard pattern, this model, has in recent times, been adopted in evolutionary biology as the mark of the impossibility of going beyond, i.e. the exit from structural laws within which some mechanism / organism evolves. Analogously, I shall present, with the help of Derrida’s and menke’s insights, the possibility for Dorian Gray to escape. In the second stage, I shall apply that strategy of escape in presentation of emancipating potentials of the character of Leone Glembay, which might have been used with the aim of avoiding the tragic inevitability.

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