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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.2 No.1 Lipanj 1991.

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Flexible sphere of ethnological research

Slavko Kremenšek ; Department of Ethnology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Kremenšek, S. (1990). Področje etnološkega raziskovanja je gibljtvo. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 2(1), 7-9. Preuzeto s

We have not always defined the object of ethnological research in the same way. It is evident from the history of Slovene ethnological thought (ethnological science) that at one time an orientation which sprang up in the period of enlightenment or anthropological orientation was in the foreground, at another the culturological orientation which originated in the period of romanticism. In the recent times this differentiation between the two orientations resulted in the separation between ethnologists and folklorists. The former emphasize the research of the way of life, the latter of folk culture. We should, of course, encompass both. Yet we had to reaffirm the research of the way of life. Their professional strengths or weaknesses shall yet reveal the real scope of ambitions of ethnologists. Only the starting point is known: the way of life on the level of everyday life.

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Slovenia; ethnology; development

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