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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.1 No.1 Lipanj 1989.

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About a survival in the traditional apiculture

Vlasta Domaćinović ; Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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Domaćinović, V. (1989). O jednom prežitku u tradicijskom načinu gajenja pčela. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 1(1), 129-133. Preuzeto s

In a rural community traditional apiculture is of marginal economic interest. Due to this marginal economic position traditional apiculture has maintained some very archaic forms. Carrying out the research on sporadic cases of bee-hives being kept on stone walls or by garden walls in the area around the Adriatic coast we have across bee-hives in niches in stone walls.
This form of keeping bee-hives is confirmed in literature; it is quite rare by the northern coast of the west Mediterranean, but it has been most widely spread and has had the longest usage in England (bee boles). This article aims, following the old Roman writers, especially Columella, to indicate that the contemporary practice of keeping bee-hives either by the wall or on the wall is actually a survival of the habit of keeping bee-hives in niches for hives (bee boles) or in stone walls.

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traditional apiculture; survival; Roman writers

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