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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.1 No.1 Lipanj 1989.

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Fraternity song "Braćo, brata sprovodimo" (Brothers, this is our brother-s funeral) and funeral recitation "Prosti ml, Gospode" (Forgive me Lord) in the service for the decased on the island of Pašman (the villages of Mrljane and Tkon) and in Biograd na moru

Katarina Livljanić

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Livljanić, K. (1989). Bratovštinska pjesma "Braćo, brata sprovodimo" i mrtvačko štenje "Prosti mi, gospode" u službi za mrtve na otoku Pašmanu (sela Mrljane i Tkon) i u Biogradu na moru. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 1(1), 165-182. Preuzeto s

The article presents a description of the activity of the fraternities in the villages of Mrljane and Tkon and in Biograd na moru. The text contains transcripts of regulations of the fraternity of Gospa od zdravlja (Neviđane) and of the fraternity of Sv. Antun Opat (Mrljane). The majority of the text is dedicated to a music analysis of the funeral songs. These tunes, which have their origin in relatively small and culturally compact area, show various features. A paraliturgical song "Braćo brata sprovodimo" is not related to Gregorian repertoire; it is a product of an authentic folk music tradition. Štenje (recitation) "Prosti mi Gospode" is characterized by its deviation from a Gregorian song (which is the model for this chanting) into folk-tradition. The song "Prosti mi Gospode", which is transferred into a lively organism of folk singing, has kept its fundamental Gregorian features, although it has adopted many of folk singing characteristics. The author, apart exploring the origins and development of these chantings, tries to present them in their authentic framework of funeral rituals and services.

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island of Pašman; Biograd; funeral songs; funeral rituals; fraternities

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