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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.61 Prosinac 2011.

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Word spacing in the early printed glagolitic texts

Denis Crnković ; Gustavus Adolphus College, USA-Saint Peter

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Crnković, D. (2011). Bjeline u funkciji razgraničenja riječi u starim tiskanim glagoljskim tekstovima. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (61), 15-40. Preuzeto s

The article describes the development of the typographical practice of placing spaces between words in the early printed Glagolitic books and the swift decline in the 16th century of the use of so-called word-blocks in favour of full word separation. Little studied but significant for our understanding of a host of writing and reading practices, ranging from the rhetorical and compositional features of the medieval Croatian Church Slavonic texts to the linguistic norms of early modern works, the use of the white space consistently increases over time as modern typographical practices take hold. In the context of widespread changes in mechanical printing practices in the 15th–17th centuries, the paper looks at the increasing use of white space between all words, primarily in the CrCS printed liturgical books and on the parallel decrease in the use of word-blocks (združenice). Given the larger movement toward
regularization of liturgical texts in the 16th century and the growing awareness of linguistic science our examination of typesetting practices offers some insights into the implementation of regularized linguistic norms for the Glagolitic liturgical books and makes it possible to conclude that the more widespread typesetting practices of the secular presses quickly gained a foothold in the ecclesiastical printeries. There was, moreover, a rapid conformity to the Western typographical practice of separating words as the smallest units of independent meaning; i.e. in accordance with our own contemporary practices.

Ključne riječi
breviary; Glagolitic liturgical books; Croatian incunabula; early printed books; Glagolitic Roman Missal; typography; word-blocks; word spacing

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