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A sketch of Vidonje anthroponymy

Domagoj Vidović

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The village Vidonje in the vicinity of Metković, although inhabited in earlier
periods, had not been mentioned in written documents until the end of the 16th
century. The first documents containing a considerable amount of anthroponymic
data stem from the end of the 17th century, when the village was inhabited by refugees
from eastern Hercegovina. At that time the first family names in Vidonje
were recorded, and from that time on it was possible to trace the development
of name formulae. Before that only the privileged had family names. The development
of the name formulae has been greately influenced by the Catholic church,
and due to its influence the number of folk names is relatively small. Nick-names
were subject to aloglotic elements (from Dalmatian through Turkish to Italian,
German and French).
Interesting example of the formation of anthroponymic categories is the formation
from appellatives by accent change and hybrid formation from Croatian
roots and Turkish suffixes.

Ključne riječi
anthroponymy; personal names; surnames; nick-names; Vidonje

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