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King Koloman’s Road

Ranko Pavleš ; Podravka, Koprivnica, Croatia

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (131 KB) str. 65-75 preuzimanja: 455* citiraj
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The paper is centered on the hypothesis, that historians present »King Koloman’s road« differently from the genuine medieval documents, given as a synonym for certain road types, which cannot be supported by evidence in historic sources. The first part of the paper provides examples of historiography descriptions of this »King Koloman’s road« and tries to establish the origins for this misconception of this road type, using the road direction Vaška - Varaždin - Zagreb. The second part of the paper lists all the settlements, with the mention of this road in historic documents, trying to establish which direction these roads took. The this part deals with roads, being identified as »King Koloman’s road« (»military road«, »bulwark road«, »big road« etc.), and actual identification whether it’s justifiable to link their type/origin with this road.

Ključne riječi
via Kolomani regis; military road; big road; bulwark road; Middle Ages

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