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The catholic church on the relationship between educational psychology and scripture in primary schools regarding the transfer of religion and personality development in students

Josip Šimunović   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Catholic Studies, University of Zagreb
Ivica Cik ; Church of the Holy Virgin

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The article presents the positive and creative relationship between educational psychology and scripture in primary schools in the transfer of religious content and personality development of students, using documents of the general Church and the Church in Croatia. Documents of the general and particular Church provide guidelines for various Church activities. One of these is the provision of religious education through catholic scripture in schools. Of the general Church documents, the article presents those of the Second Vatican Council: Pastoral constitution on the Church in contemporary society Gaudium et spes and the Declaration on christian upbringing Gravissimum educationis. Catechistic documents dealing with the realisation of various models of religious education are also presented: The general catechistic directory, Evangelii nuntiandi, Catechesi tradendae and The general directory for catechism. Following documents published at the general Church level which, in various ways, supported the relationship and cooperation of science (in our case psychology) and religious education, the Church in Croatia draws documents which support the cooperation of science (psychology in particular) within the teaching of catholic scripture in schools. Documents at the general Church level are a call to each particular Church to draw up it's own documents, taking into consideration the environment, culture and setting, in order to spread the evangelical message. Two documents are presented: The annunciation of the evangel and religious upbringing. Basic guidelines in the renewal of religious upbringing and cathesis and A call to holyness. The views of the catholic Church presented in the documents are being implemented in the planning, programming and conducting of scripture in primary schools in the Republic of Croatia. Croatian experts in the fields of theology and religious-educational sciences have supported and implemented the guidelines in the creation of catholic scripture in primary schools.

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educational psychology; catholic scripture; Second Vatican Council; catechistic documents

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