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Wisconsin Card Sorting Test in differential diagnosis of schizophrenia and brain disorder

Slavka Galić ; County General Hospital

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The aim of this study was to determine whether differences exist in the WCST results of schizophrenic individuals and individuals with brain lesions. Participants in this study were 55 schizophrenic individuals and 55 individuals with brain disorder, who where included in diagnostic evaluation at a general county hospital. The groups were matched for age, education and intelligence quotient. The total number and percent of errors, the number and percent of perseverative errors, the percent of conceptual level responses, the number of categories completed and the number of trials needed to successfully complete the first category are significant indicators in the discrimination of schizophrenic disorder and brain disorder. Schizophrenic individuals have more pronounced difficulties in changing cognitive set and in using feedback to direct behavior (more perseverative responses), in initial conceptualization (more trials to complete the first category) and conceptual flexibility and abstraction (lower conceptual level of answer, lower number of completed categories) than do individuals with brain disorder. No significant differences were found in the total number of trials, number of correct responses, number and percent of nonperseverative errors, conceptual level of response and failure to maintain set.

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Wisconsin Card Sorting Test; schizophrenia; brain disorder

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