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Folia onomastica Croatica, No.20 May 2012.

Original scientific paper

Molise Croatians and their names: Molise and other settlements in southern Italy through the perspective of local Croatian onomastic data

Petar Šimunović ; Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Šimunović, P. (2011). Moliški Hrvati i njihova imena: Molize i druga naselja u južnoj Italiji u motrištu tamošnjih hrvatskih onomastičkih podataka. Folia onomastica Croatica, (20), 189-205. Retrieved from

Evidence of Slavic settlements in southern Italy has been recorded since the 10th century, most prominently those in the Molise region in the 15th and 16th centuries. In this paper, their dispersement and Croatian ethnic origins will be demonstrated on the basis of onomastic and other linguistic data (with special attention paid to the fact that the population has sometimes been proclaimed to be of Bulgarian, Montenegran or Serbian origin in previous literature). It will be established that the immigrants originally came from Makarska, and an analysis is given of Croatian personal names, surnames and toponyms that bear witness to the history of this Croatian population.

Croatian names in Italy; Molise; Acquaviva Collecroce; Montemitro; San Felice

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