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Pilot-project "Children for the safer world"

Vesna Kostović Vranješ ; Filozofski fakultet u Splitu

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Due to the modern way of living, children are nowadays, more than ever, exposed to accidents, risks and dangers in everyday life. As in formal education, in Croatia and other countries alike, there is no children education about the protection against various dangers that threaten them, special educational-prevention programmes have been developed and implemented. The paper presents the implementation of the pilot-project "Children for the safer world", conceived with the aim of educating the fi rst-graders about safety at home (during everyday activities), safety from hazardous situations (fi re, fl ood, earthquake and mines) as well as about the telephone numbers of emergency services. The educational pilot-project "Children for the safer world" was successfully carried out during the school year 2006/07 with the fi rst-grade pupils of eleven primary schools in Split-Dalmatian county. The reactions on the part of both pupils and teachers as well as the excellent results of written tests show how important it is to continue with the implementation of this type of education.

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accidents; children; dangers; prevention programmes; pilot-project

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